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License for Commercial Use of Iava

The commercial use of Iava is governed by a license. In principle, the commercial
license for Iava grants you the royalty-free right to use Iava in your products as long
as you acknowledge my copyright on Iava as part of your product (ie. copyright notice on
splashscreen resp. about-dialogs) as well as in advertisements and other printed
material (resp.material which is published electronically). You will get the complete
Iava source code in order to adapt, correct or enhance it for your needs.

This is how it works to review and obtain a license:

1. Review the license text online or download it in one of the following formats:
    Text with newlines (zipped, 3.0 kb)
    Rich Text Format (zipped, 4.2 kb)
    Word Document (zipped, 6.7 kb)

2. Print two copies of the license, complete them with the name and address of your
    company and have an authorized representative of your company sign both copies.

3. Send both copies to my address as stated in the license. I will sign both copies and
    I will return one copy for your records. Do not forget to give me a valid
    address to where you wish me to return your copy of the license.

4. You will receive a copy of the current version of the Iava source code by email
    immediately after I have signed both copies. Do not forget to give me a valid
    email address to where you wish me to send the source code.